The Site Visit


During the initial stages a site visit will take place. We’ll be measuring up your home so you can find out what’s possible at the earliest opportunity. We’ll be marking up the following:
Roof Height
On our initial site visit we’ll be considering the potential position of the staircase, you’ll need a good amount of head room on entering the loft.
This is an important factor because an inadequate assessment can impede on the pace of the conversion and the cost.
Party Walls
A party wall is the wall you share with your neighbours. Converting the average loft into a liveable attic often includes using some heavy duty steel beams. These are often embedded within the party walls.
You won’t be altering your existing room necessarily, but your survey will take note of the bathroom and toilet location, specifically the services to and from them, such as the soil pipe (waste pipe) and the ventilation pipe.
Main Walls
Mostly the load will be borne by the party wall, we’ll be marking those up on our drawings.
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