Is my loft space suitable for conversion?


Before any work can begin in your loft space there are few very important questions that must be answered. You can either research yourself to find out what is possible or you can book a Free Loft Consultation (hyperlink) with one of our team members.


Here are 3 main questions worth asking


1. Does my loft area have enough head height?

The minimum head height between finished floor and the  finished ceiling thatis acceptable is 2m. You must account for the  floor and ceiling build up which is typically around 30cm. If your unconverted loft space before exceeds this number than your loft is  most likely suitable to be converted. But don’t worry if it does not! There are other ways of gaining head height and we can help you figure out what your options are.


2. Will I need planning permission?

The vast majority of loft conversions fall under permitted development (PD), meaning planning permission is not required for the works provided that the works fall within PD guidelines.

However there are certain situations – such as the need to raise the roof height, living in a flat or the property being situated in a conservation areas where planning permission will be required before starting the project.

You can find out more information on the Planning Portal website


3.       What Conversion Type will suit my house?

Often it is the type of the house that dictates what loft conversion can be done  rather than the preference of the owner. For instance; a hip to gable cannot be done in mid terrace house as there is no hipped roof to gable end in the first place! Or an L- shaped Dormer will not be possible to build in house without a rear extension that you often find in  Victorian or Edwardian houses. Also, depending on the council that the property is located in, there may be some additional restrictions imposed by the local planning office.