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In South London space is precious, a loft conversion could be a great way to expand your living space.


Lofts often contain 1/3 of the space of a home, in some properties such as bungalows it can be up to 80% (that’s why the majority of newly built homes in the UK are built with habitable loft space).



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maximise value

A well thought through loft conversion can increase a property's value by 20-30% in South London.


part built loft conversion with exposed beams to devide and partition rooms

maximise space

Convert your underutilised roof space into a light, modern and spacious living space, and make money in the process!

Loft Conversion Options

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free consultation

Book a home visit and receive free design, planning and guidance that is bespoke to your loft conversion. 

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You are considering a loft conversion but you are still not quite sure if it’s for you or not, and we get it! Sometimes it is easier to experience how the loft area feels like rather than just imagine the space, and we can help you with that! We are sure to have completed projects in your area which you can view and get feel for it, so get in touch with us to book a viewing!

In the mean time feel free to look at what’s happening behind the scenes at Visionary Lofts to spark ideas and get a feel for a loft conversion processes.

Everything starts with the initial consultation to see if we can help our clients to achieve their dream space. They all find that our very first visit saves them hours of research on what type of loft conversion can be done as well as what alterations need to be carried out in the rest of their home to comply with fire regulations. And that is just the beginning of our journey filled with guidance and advice especially at preconstruction period which can often be the most  time and energy consuming part of any construction project.

We are here to help you every step of the way!

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How do you find the best loft conversion specialist in South London?

The best loft conversion company is a personal choice.  It is about picking the right loft specialist for you personally, someone else’s best is not necessarily what will work for you. Visionary Lofts are here to help you save time and energy and get your loft conversion completed as efficiently as possible.

We recommend discussing the loft conversion with a professional to save time.  

Understand why you want to convert the loft space, do you need more space in your London home? What space is it that you need, is it living space, study space or an extra bedroom? Do you want to have a master bedroom with an en-suite? Or would you like to have two smaller bedrooms. There is a fair amount of flexibility as mentioned the space in the loft can often be 20 to 30 per cent of the whole home. So you do have a lot of unused space.

Budgeting for building a loft conversion early on

It’s a good idea to get a look at costs for a loft conversion in London early on so you can understand how much you’ll need to budget. This will often dictate what kind of approach you’ll take in completing your loft, and the level of finish.  Get a loft company to meet you at your home in South London for a free consultation.

How you will build your loft conversion:

Ask yourself, what kind of experience do you want. For example, here are two options: you could get a South London loft conversion specialist to do the loft, who will handle the project management of the project or you go down the option of managing the build yourself. Both have their ups and downs. It’s important to decide how much time you have to manage the loft conversion yourself.

The level of finish you require for your loft conversion or loft refurbishment

Decide on the level of finish you require for your home. Do just require the shell of the loft conversion? Do you need all services installed such as electrics and plumbing? Fixtures will also need to budgeted such as electrical points. We at Visionary Lofts are flexible and can provide you with expertise where you need it. Contact us a for a free consultation.

If your loft conversion falls under permitted development, it should be feasible however you may need assistance and planning permission if it falls under a certain London council. So which council you live in South London, will generally affect what you can do with your loft conversion. Visionary Lofts are more than happy to help indicate next steps so you can understand more as part of the complimentary consultation process.

We service south London; we also build loft conversions south of London in Croydon and the surroundings areas.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information.