A Loft Conversion in the Tooting Area

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Serving Tooting, Mitcham and the surrounding areas

What do you need to know?

Here at Visionary Lofts we understand that a loft conversion in Tooting can create a beautiful space in a brief period but finding who to do it can be difficult. There are various factors to weigh up. We are here to help individuals juggling all the demands of South West London life! Let us start with a few considerations you’ll need to make as you develop your ideas.

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A loft specialist or general builder?

An initial consideration is whether you have the resources and experience to manage the builders in your home during the whole duration of the build which is usually 8 – 12 weeks. Or would you rather a loft specialist familiar with Tooting to manage the process?

If you’ve made the decision that you’d rather have a loft expert to manage the project over a builder. You’ll then need to look at what type of firm you want to build your dream loft space. This is an important consideration because there are different types of loft conversion companies with varying degrees of service and accountability, contact us for free help on understanding this further.

Is it feasible to have loft in Tooting?

The most typical housing in Tooting is Edwardian and Victorian, with a pocketful of 1920s homes, there are a few exceptions along Upper Tooting road of early Georgian builds, overall a loft conversion is possible whichever category you fall in, if you would like free guidance on feasibility and whether planning advice is advisable, we are here to help.

Loft builds are managed by us

If you choose us your project in Tooting will be managed by us within Visionary Lofts, we take a hands-on and friendly approach to ensuring that all the details are managed to be as stress free as possible, by clearly laying out expectations, ensuring materials are ordered in a timely way, and that our trades complete tasks effectively.

Keep you in the loop

To keep you in the loop you’ll have a scheduled meeting at your home to know exactly where the loft project is. Feel free to call to get an understanding of how we work. During our complimentary consultation will also aim to help you with timing and costings.

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There are many types of loft conversion companies

Each loft company has a variety of services and approaches to a loft build. If you require assitance to help you compare the different types of loft conversion companies call us for more information.

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Flexible and committed

Once your project is up and running, we can also offer a variety of extras for you such as bespoke storage solutions to complete your project which can be agreed at the beginning or later as your ideas develop.

Increase space by 20%

A well managed project may well be the fastest way to expand your home in Tooting as opposed to moving or an extension, in just 8 – 12 weeks you could increase the space in your home by a fifth. According to Nationwide an extra master bedroom in London can increase the value by by up to 22%, for an idea on costings in london read here.

Visit an existing project

If you would like to see an existing project from example loft conversions in Tooting, Tooting Bec, Upper Tooting or Tooting common please get in touch. Saturday or evening appointments can be arranged if required. We’ll manage your project from initial consultation to fixtures and fittings.

Contact us for more information.