In South London,

a loft conversion is an ideal way to create a new living space to enjoy.
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Visionary Lofts is a loft conversion specialist servicing the areas of Wandsworth, Balham and Battersea. We’re a local company and that means we understand the South London housing stock, local council planning, and how to deliver a loft space that works for your home and your needs.
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Did you know that your used loft space could make up almost one third of the square footage in your home? That’s a lot of unused space and potential.


Increase Value

A well thought out loft conversion in Wandsworth, Balham or Battersea can increase your property’s value by 20 – 30 %


Increase Space

Space is at a premium in South London, and a loft conversion could provide you with that extra bedroom and bathroom, or even a home office.


Reduce Costs

Instead of getting stuck trying to move to a bigger house, you can create more habitable space in your existing home at a faction of the cost with a loft conversion.


Free Consultation

Visionary Lofts offers a free initial site visit to assess your property and discuss your vision. Book now.

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Why choose Visionary Lofts?

If you’ve checked out the video above, you’ll already know that at Visionary Lofts, we do things a little differently. From the outset, we put your vision and your needs at the forefront and then we simply make your dream a reality.

If you’ve been thinking about a loft conversion for a while now, but you’re not sure if it’s the right choice for you – you can read our helpful guide here. To help you, we also know it can be really useful to experience how a converted loft space may feel rather than just relying on your imagination. Click on Projects below to see loft conversions we’ve completed in South London, including around Balham, Wandsworth and Battersea. If you’d like to see if there are any live projects you can visit, click on contact us.

Everything starts with the initial consultation to see if we can help our clients to achieve their dream space. They all find that our very first visit saves them hours of research on what type of loft conversion can be done as well as what alterations need to be carried out in the rest of their home to comply with fire regulations. And that is just the beginning of our journey filled with guidance and advice especially at preconstruction period which can often be the most  time and energy consuming part of any construction project.

We are here to help you every step of the way!

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