How To Fund Your Loft Conversion Without Digging Into Your Own Pocket

It’s not necessary for home owners to dig into their savings or inheritance to fund a loft conversion.

Due to the clear value added to a property due to loft conversions, it is one of the easiest ways to find funding for a loft conversion.


If there is existing equity in the property and the fixed term is coming to an end the homeowner my look to remortgage the property through a different lender.

Processing Duration: 6-8 Weeks

Approx Cost: £40K @ 2.5% = £90 per month

Further Advance

If the home owner has equity in the property and would prefer to stay with their existing lender, they may choose to apply for further borrowing.

Processing Duration: 2-3 Weeks

Approx Cost: £40K @ 4% = £140 per month

Remortgage (on future equity)

If the home owner has no equity in the property, some lenders are willing to lend based on the future value of the property after the conversion.

Processing Duration: 8 Weeks

Approx Cost: £40K @ 2-4% = £80-140 per month

Secured / Unsecured Loan

An alternative to remortgaging the property is for the homeowner to take out a personal loan. These are typically a quicker way of releasing finance; however the repayment period is considerably less than a mortgage. A secured loan is where the lender also takes a second charge on the property as collateral.

Processing Duration: 3 Weeks

Approx Cost: £40K @ 4-6% = £140-200 per month

**Note: The above is for information purposes only. Visionary Lofts offers no financial advice or recommendations on how to finance loft conversions. We highly recommend you seek the advice of a qualified financial adviser. Upon request Visionary Lofts are able to put any interested parties in contact with an independent broker specialising in Loft Conversion funding.