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Looking for a South West London firm? One which keeps the managment in house?

Visionary Lofts specialise in managed loft conversion build in South West London to save you time; we have converted and extended lofts across south west london. As a busy individual juggling the demands of modern day life how important is it that your contractor is local and easily contactable? Do you require a project management team that are adaptable and approach your project with care and attention? Visionary Lofts are happy to answer any of your questions.

Ensuite bedroom, teddy bear on bed, with french windows. Much light, door showing to bathroom.

maximise value

A considered loft conversion can increase the value of a home by as much 20-30% in South West London.


Modern chair with wooden arms is focused on. Hat in backgroud on wooden box. Light is distributed in background.

maximise space

Develop your empty loft into a light, modern and spacious living space, master bedroom, study area, or playroom

Loft Conversion Options

Ensuite bathroom. White walls and white fixtures with stand up chrom shower. Towel rail with grey towels

free consultation

Visionary Lofts can run through costings, timelines and how exactly your project will be managed by our team. 

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What type of loft conversion company are Visionary Lofts?

The right loft conversion company in South West London can be hard to find, each offering a variety of services and approaches to loft conversions. As a South West london specialist loft conversion company we’ll help you from start to finish. If you would like comprehensive help comparing the different types of loft conversion companies call us for our free information pack.


Loft Conversions in SW London and in the London Borough of Wandsworth

Getting a loft conversion specialist in early to help you with feasibility and budgeting, will help you save lots of time and help you get answer quickly. Where you might otherwise have to gather lots of information online from various sources such as Nappy Valley, BalhamMums and Money Supermarket. This sort of information on forums is much more useful once you have a general context of what you can do with your budget, and what you can within your South London borough. We have completed loft conversions in Battersea, Wandsworth and Balham click for more information if you would like to visit a past site please contact us.

A loft conversions company will be familiar with what is possible in Wandsworth, Balham and Battersea and have great accumulated knowledge on what the possibilities are. Being local we at Visionary Lofts have knowledge on completing lofts in London and can help you quickly understand what kind of conversion you can have e.g. there are various types of conversions Mansard, Hip to Gable and Dormers, but within these there are further categorisations.

Feasibility of constructing a loft in South West London

Visionary Lofts are happy to guide you through the options an experienced London loft company can also help you clarify issues such as whether there is enough head height for the loft conversion, and what steps you’ll need to take to make it adequate to get a building control certificate. By quickly grasping the costs and possibilities from a loft expert you can then go on to investigate what you can achieve. Meaning you have saved lofts of time.

Which areas of South West London do Visionary construct loft conversions?

We build loft conversions throughout South West London including Brixton, Tooting, Streatham, Clapham, and Wimbledon.

Visionary Lofts can assist you at the very early stages of envisaging what your new loft space will look like and will stay by your side to build and manage the project up to the point that it is ready to furnish.

Helping families and professionals

Here at Visionary Lofts pride ourselves in specialising and delivering a  loft conversion service via a flexible and adaptable team. Visionary Lofts are well accustomed to working in homes with young children and expectant mothers and focus on delivering our South West London projects in a disruption free way. Call to find out now.

How? We manage the loft conversion in house.

Visionary Lofts fully understand that our clients in SW London are busy individuals juggling the demands of modern day life. It is for that reason we take on a limited number of projects at any time ensuring that we give each loft the care and attention it requires.

We can work with your trusted tradesman

If you have already appointed an architect for your project or you already have one in mind that you intend to work with that is no problem at all! We are happy to work closely with any architects, engineers, project managers or interior designers that you appoint on your behalf. Alternatively if you would like us to help you with the design side of the project we would be happy to help.

Looking beyond the needs of the growing family? Maybe rental income from your home in South West London?

By engaging us early on in your project we can help you plan a loft that maximises your return on investment.  For example, rooms to rent in South West London are in high demand and you could suppliment your income. If you are considering a loft conversion to maximise the rental income of your property call us for a free initial consultation.

We would be happy to answer any questions. Please contact us for more information.