15 Important Questions to Ask When Considering a Loft Conversion


Loft Conversions Costs in London can vary widely - Remember, Cheapest Quote Does Not Mean Cheapeast Built! 

Getting comparative quotes from different contractors can often be a confusing encounter! With companies pricing to varying specifications you may find your quotes appear to vary very widely from company to company. We believe that the more details your contractor provides you at the start of the project the less surprises there will be at the end! Therefore, we encourage you to ask as many questions as possible to avoid any surprises at a later date.

Top 15 Questions

  1. Will I need planning permission or will the works fall under permitted development?
  2. Will the current roof provide sufficient head height or will I need to raise the roof or lower the ceilings in the floor below?
  3. How quickly can I start?
  4. What will be the impact on my neighbours and will you help me ‘work’ through all the information with my neighbours, such as scaffolding arrangements, waste removal stratergies and party wall agreements?


  1. Who will be managing the project and who will be on site regularly?
  2. What level of protection is applied to the highly trafficed area throughout the house and how do you conserve the state of the house during the project?
  3. Will my house be cleaned at the end of the project?
  4. Will any of the lower floor rooms / areas be interrupted due to the works carried out in the loft?
  5. My children are at curious age, how do you ensure that my house and its surroundings remain safe?


  1. Will the escape corridor meet current fire regulations?
  2. Will we experience a drop in water pressure due to the addition of a bathroom in the loft? Will I need to change my boiler?
  3. Will I be able to change the electrical and mechanical layout of my loft once the actual construction work has commenced?
  4. What is the aftercare process regarding snags and defects?


  1. What are the extra costs I need to account for?
  2. Will satellite/ internet be disrupted during the work?

By taking all of the above into consideration you will  not only begin to understand what kind of loft you can have but also the full cost and time required  to complete the entire project.


Setting the foundation

In this section, we wanted to help home owners build a general picture of the loft building process by asking  informed questions and therefore having a good grounding for how to get from an empty void to a beautiful decorated new living space.

Building that picture in your mind is often about understanding the building process a little and then arming yourself to ask a few important questions.

Loft Building Process:

Video credits: SBS

We believe that by asking your contractor/project manager a few specific  questions you can quicklyform a good foundation to start your investigation into the possibility of a loft conversion and get a good understanding of the conversion processes itself. Above are the commonly asked questions which we believe all homeowners should ask their contractor when considering a loft conversion:

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