After a long and dreary day, I’m sure most of us look forward to returning to a nice and cosy room, a space that belongs to you and only you. Question is, how many of you don’t find comfort in your room? Too small? Aesthetically displeasing? Cluttered mess? Have you been sitting on that thought of wanting to beautify your room for a while but after scanning your bank account you quickly dismiss that unrealistic dream of yours? Fret not, this guide right here is all you need. It will provide you with the most cost-efficient designs for the tiniest bedrooms imaginable. These are also perfect for bedrooms that are already on the small side, such as loft bedrooms. Get ready to stay snug in your new and improved bedroom with these design ideas that won’t break the bank.

Trunks and Storage Bins

These are perfect for decluttering and organizing your belongings. You can compartmentalise and categorize your items for ease of search. Very affordable and practical!

Wall Decals

Sticking them on will instantly elevate your room no matter what prior state it was in. You can easily get them at cheap prices from websites like Amazon or Etsy.

Featured Walls

A featured wall is one that stands out from the rest of the walls. It can be achieved by simply painting one wall in a contrasting colour or in a different shade compared to the rest of the walls.

Throw Pillows

To make your bed look more interesting, throw pillows are an economical method to do so. It also gives off the illusion that your bedroom is more spacious than it is. If you’ve got some extra time to spare, you can even consider sewing your own throw pillow.

Placing Table At Foot Of Bed

This hack is especially useful if the sides of your bed are narrow. By placing a table at the foot of the bed, it is not only space-savvy but it also lengthens the overall look of your bed.

Wall Lamps

Functional yet decorative! Comes in handy when you need a little night light for some bedtime reading or when you get up to use the washroom in the wee hours.


It is always a good idea to add touches of green to your room! Not only does it boost mood and productivity, but it also stimulates creativity. You can be extremely flexible on the budget because no matter how little or big your budget is, there is always something out there for you.


Shelving creates additional space for you to store some books, plants or even knick-knacks. You’ll no longer have to worry about not having enough floor space to keep those storage boxes. Even if you do not practice the Marie Kondo cleaning method, creating additional storage space on the walls can help combat your severe lack of space for the heap of items you own.

Corner Desk

The god-sent item for small spaces. These desks are tiny and meant to fit in the smallest corners possible. Don’t be fooled by their size because they are still extremely functional for some quiet readings or even intense hours on your laptop. Besides, that weird small corner in your room would’ve been left unused anyway so might as well make the best out of it and install a corner desk!

Storage Space Under The Bed

You would have never imagined that the space under your bed isn’t only where monsters sleep, but can also be doubled up as a storage space. You can get it customized by specifying for crates to be built beneath when ordering a new bed frame.


Contrary to popular belief, dividers make your room feel bigger despite segmenting it. An affordable and effective solution to a modern-day problem.


One of the most brilliant solutions yet – mirrors give the illusion of depth. They allow any form of light, both natural and artificial light to bounce off it, illuminating the room both during the day and night. The cheaper (but still nice) ones can be found while thrifting and at garage sales.


Similar to wall decals, patterns on walls can help spruce up that plain old wall of yours, adding some fun and character to your room. And the good thing about having a small room, you will not require many rolls of wallpaper which means…cost savings!

Duvet Cover

Apart from adding throw pillows to your bed as mentioned above, you can consider a funky duvet cover. It is arguably the most eye-catching item on the entire bed so having a pretty one will definitely make your room look nicer. It can be crafted by hand just like the throw pillows so it will still be well within your budget.


To make the best of any left-over fabric, you can piece together some art piece that will fit right almost in any tiny space.

DIY Headboards

Yes, headboards can be DIY-ed too. All you have to do is grab some cardboard and get creative. For all you know, you might just be the next Picasso with your art piece.

Creative Lightings

Say goodbye to boring lightings and hello to one-of-kind ones! Simply pick up some left-over cardboard from all those Amazon deliveries or cereal boxes from this morning’s breakfast and get designing. Spell out your name or something meaningful and top it off with some fairy lights.


No wall decals or wallpapers but still want to spice up that plain wall of yours? No problem! All you need is some coloured construction paper, cut them into any shape and size and paste it on.


Jars are not only to eat puddings out of. They can also be decorative items by throwing in some electric candles or Christmas lights. Cheap and easy!


Too many memories captured in pictures but too few picture frames to store them? Or worse still, lack of space to store the picture frames? Don’t worry, try using clothes pins coupled with Christmas lights to hang those memories on the wall.

What are you waiting for? Turn that small plain room of yours into one that you don’t ever want to leave! These ideas are sure to make your bedroom the cosiest and most comfortable place to be. You’ll never complain about your loft bedroom being too boring again with these budget hacks.