As we all know, with a big space comes big responsibility — to fill it up. Large rooms can be intimidating to design because you’re basically spoilt for choice. Homes with lofts have higher ceilings and vast amounts of space compared to traditional apartments. This can be challenging to design what style to go for. Although it is assumed that big spaces allow creativity, we can get lost in maintaining a consistent design within the huge space. It can end up looking very incohesive and lacking in personality as well. However, cosy spaces should not be limited to smaller spaces. It is definitely possible to add a soft touch to your modern space. In this article, find out the best tips on how to make your large space cosy too! 


1. Add a Touch of Green

What better way to add a touch of cosiness than with plants? Don’t be afraid to add large plants to your space. Take advantage of having ample natural light in your apartment if you have large windows. This could be great in starting a collection of plants as it adds warmth and personality to space. You can change it up throughout the room with varying plants. Add smaller ones on console tables or benches for a cohesive theme in your space. Furthermore, there are many benefits to having houseplants. It boosts productivity, mood, and creativity while improving the air quality of your home as well. 


2. The Power Of Paint 

Sometimes, massive houseplants can emphasize the height of your space. If you’re trying to create an illusion of a smaller, cosier space, painting a two-toned wall can help you achieve that. Consider painting only half the height of your walls. It would make ceilings seem shorter than they are hence achieving that illusion. 


Never underestimate the power of colour in altering the illusion of room size! Darker and warm colours tend to ‘advance’ — meaning they seem like they are moving towards us. Examples could be maroons, darker shades of red or orange. For a cosier effect, you could consider painting your ceiling a darker colour to make the room appear smaller. 


3. Goodbye Coffee Tables, Hello Ottomans! 

Elevate your living room aesthetic by getting rid of small coffee tables. If you’ve got a large seating arrangement, coffee tables would create a contrast and make the space look inconsistent and flat. Make use of the space you have and use a large ottoman instead. Choosing one that is upholstered in velvet creates a softer, luxurious aesthetic. It adds character and adds a sense of comfort as well! 

4. Creative Partitions In A Large Living Room

Everyone’s go-to partitions are foldable screens. They add dimension and layers to your room’s aesthetic. Also, it helps provide a sense of privacy as well. Besides using screens to conceal features in your room, you can also use these to partition a work area from the lounge area. This saves you the time and money of having to build a door or wall to divide up your space and interrupt the flow.


A large living room can be divided into two lounge areas. You can use a daybed, a bench, or a console table to create zones. A daybed can serve as extra seating options if needed as well. Benches and console tables can segment parts of your living space for you. An example of how you can use this is by placing a console table behind your sofa. 


Benches like X-Benches are small upholstered benches that have chair legs that intersect — forming an ‘X’. These are great if you need something smaller to fill in gaps and create a definition of the space as well. Plus, you can use them as leg rests and decorative subjects to create symmetry in a room especially if you get two of them. They are a useful furniture piece as they are extra functional and add dimension to a room. 


5. L is For Large

The last thing you would want to do is buy traditionally-sized furniture that defines the empty gaps in your large living space. Take advantage of the abundance and buy bold, larger and longer furniture pieces. Like clothes, you feel comfier in an oversized sweater. In this case, don’t be afraid to get an L-shaped sofa for your space. Most L-shaped sofas are recommended for any space. It takes up a lot of space and provides a lot of space too! It’s great for having nights in with your friends or for when you just feel like lounging around alone. Besides, having a sofa like this would be a definitive statement piece that defines the living room zone from any other. 

6. Take Advantage of Wall Space

Like an empty canvas, you should fill your walls up with art. Art pieces can help frame the mood of the room. Like in art, having too much blank space may make it seem empty. So empty walls would definitely accentuate the room’s vastness. An easy way to start is to prop up a bench against the wall with a piece of art hung above it. You can play around with the sizes as well, as long as your walls aren’t too bare. 


7. Especially For You

At the end of the day, it is your space. Your living space should reflect what you like and who you are as well. Although most of us might get carried away decorating our space to cater to guests, do not forget to set aside space for yourself as well. You can create a cosy corner for yourself with a statement armchair with accompanying side tables. You can add partitions to define this area too. In this corner, you could add a window seat with an upholstered pad with a couple complementing seat cushions. To wrap up space, you can add a mirror, artwork, or even wall-mounted bookshelves up on the wall of the corner. And congratulations, you’ve just created a cosy, intimate and relaxing area for yourself!


With these tips in mind, I hope you’ll be able to cosy up your space and make it the ultimate relaxation spot for you!