Ever considered revamping your personal space, creating a room that shows off your personality? One simple way is to use wallpapers to add some details onto your walls. There is a misconception that adding wallpaper to your interior design will make your room look outdated. But that only happens if you are unable to pick the right colour, design and texture. Finding the right wallpaper can help fulfil your need for aesthetics, make the room look way more attractive and reflect your personal style. 

Here are a few designs that we have selected for you according to their various style types.


If you’re a sucker for Nature

In love with floral patterns or wish to be embraced by the sights of nature? Picking a floral themed wallpaper will do just the trick. Here are a few options:

  • Floral dots

Unlike the usual plain polka dots, switch it up with some flowers. It creates a soft yet contemporary look. Choose from a variety of different colours, vibrant patterns that would surely liven up your room. The room will also feel more relaxing as the subtle floral prints soften the room. If you are more of a minimalist, choose black or white for a monochrome look. 

  • Star Flowers

This design is best suited for an older audience. It creates a stylish space with a very cosy ambience. 

  • Woody Tree Trunks

Having a wallpaper in a darker tone with white and thin tree trunks can help create a very chic look to the room. It is also very contemporary, and when paired with the right furniture, the room can feel rather sexy. But if you’re more of a ‘green trees’ person, don’t be afraid to pick one with a lighter green shade for the leaves. The light green colour can help to make the room feel bigger than it actually is. 

  • Wooden Feeling

Choose a textured wallpaper with a design that makes the room feel a bit earthier. If you are following the theme of minimalism, this design would be a perfect choice as well! The grain design on the wood is so subtle yet brings out a certain flair to the room. Picking a darker colour would help to make the room look more sophisticated. 

  • Bold Poppies

Bright and bold designs seem to be making a comeback. The extravagant design of the bright red poppies makes a bold statement about your style and personality. 

  • Palm Leaves

Though the design is very small, it packs a punch. The delicate details of the palm leaves make for a very elegant look. Palm leaves are very flexible depending on its design and it can convey various themes such as masculine, bright or calming. A good suggestion would be to use palm leaves wallpaper for the accent walls. This draws attention to it while making it look fashionable. 


Making A Bold Statement

It is good to have a room that reflects your personality. It gives you a space to call your own and makes you happy to be within that space. If you’re someone who is into loud colours or eager to have a room that leaves your guests speechless, here are a few options:

  • Metallics

Metallics can be found in both fashion and design. What’s more, it’s trending! So why not have them on your walls to create a statement. This gives off a very shiny finishing to the room introducing a sense of glamour without it being too overpowering. 

  • Gold or Copper Tones

A simple way to immediately add glamour into the room. Warm tones create a new and fresh feel. Matched together with furniture of unusual colours such as having neon bed frames, the wallpaper makes the room look a bit more luxurious and sophisticated. 

  • Mediterranean 

If you have an interest in intricate detailing, this would be the best design for you. The patterns create a very expensive feel. Do note, that the patterns might be too overwhelming for a small room. 

  • Maze/ Graphic Geometry

Having a maze-like wallpaper shows off your artistic eye. Similarly, such a pattern will hardly go out of style but still make a big statement. Choose a classic colour so that no matter the trend, your wallpaper will be appropriate and “on-point”. Such a design works really well with high ceilings. This is because it accentuates the length of the space, making your room look more spacious.



There but Not There

If you’re the type who enjoys a more simplistic style, take a look at these:

  • Honeycomb

A simple repetition of honeycomb-shaped like patterns is a great way to style up your room. Choose a light to a neutral colour to get that simplistic yet interesting texture. The design is retro-inspired and helps make the space more youthful. 

  • Contemporary Grain

To create a cosy atmosphere within your master bedroom, pick a darker shade i.e dark brown with a subtle wood grain texture. The wood grain texture adds a modern twist to the room without it being overpowering. 

  • Soft Pearls

The intricate design creates a dainty and delicate composition to the room. The texture of the pearls also helps to add a tiny bit of shine to the room.

  • Simple Pattern/ Texture

There is no need to go all out when it comes to designing your room. Having a simple pattern that matches the overall layout of your room brings out a very soothing feel. On the other hand, you could choose a simple textured wallpaper to add a slight richness to your room.



Gentle Feeling

Here are a few designs that can help to create a softer feeling to your room, without looking too plain:

  • Gentle Curls

These curls add a rich yet subtle look to the room. If you wish to show off the architecture of your room, using curls would be best to help accentuate it. 

  • Bird Prints

If you overpower your wall with big and bright birds such as a flamingo, the room can come off as too powerful and striking. To achieve a gentler feel, why not pick out some vintage-styled bird wallpapers. Choosing birds of a smaller size will be less overwhelming and more welcoming. 

Your bedroom should be a space where you feel the most comfortable. Turn that room into an area that reflects your personality or create an atmosphere that you desire to turn to at the end of the day. Regardless of your preference, there will surely be a wallpaper that suits your needs.