Looking for ways to redecorate or decorate your new room? Look no further as we have all the freshest and coolest ideas to provide you. In particular, we would be focusing on keeping the room minimalistic and without further ado, let us show you what we have in store! 


White Minimalist Ideas


1. Black and White

Things would never go wrong with neutral colours such as black and white, incorporating both of them gives off a sense of class. All it takes is some plywood, fabric and other materials for your bed frame and pairing it with a black bedside table would make a complete piece of artwork.


2. White almost everywhere 

For those who prefer simplicity and for your bedroom to be bright, make your room completely white, but with the exception of a black accent piece that could either be decorations or the bed’s comforter. With that, you can also save some electricity bills as there is barely any need to turn on the light during the day as the white colour optimizes brightness.


3. Classic 

Going for a classic theme? Get decorative work done on the windows and the walls as it would heighten the contemporary vibes. A suggestion is to get carvings on the walls to add some classic patterns to liven up the plain white walls. Keep it minimal and get dark-coloured linens for your bed, which will create an overall elegant atmosphere.



4. Rustic

Rustic decor is also minimalistic and it also has the element of cosiness, befitting a bedroom. Have the room be in white with huge picture windows and arrange the bed on pallets low to the ground. This way, it creates an illusion that the room is larger than it is.  


5. Artsy

Feeling artsy? It’s now the perfect time for you to use an excuse to buy those wired statues that normally you would not purchase. Incorporate that into your room and it can sure raise the level of art appreciation presence in your room. With the addition of potted plants and hardwood floors, your room would no doubt rock the cool look.


Small Minimalist Bedroom Ideas


6. Grey and White

For small rooms, going grey and white would benefit as it helps to exude a sense of elegance and keep the style minimal. 


7. Attic Space

With limited space you have in your house, the attic space is the perfect solution for an extra bedroom. Usually, attics can be very dark and light is often difficult to be let in so having the room painted white while letting the skylight in from right above the bed allows the room to remain bright. 


8. A Small Loft

Similarly, to optimize spare spaces for more spaces, a loft conversion is a great idea for small houses and apartments. It can be used to create a spare bedroom or even a study room. When designed the right way, it can become an extremely minimalistic living and sleeping area.


Minimalist Bedroom Ideas For Men

9. Black and Silver

Although this colour combination may seem dark, it has its own sophistication and charm. Complement a black bed with contrasting silver linens and it would create the perfect look. Keep the rest of the decor in the room simple with some nightstands and a lamp. 


10. Futuristic

Going futuristic is also feasible with more and more kinds of platform beds out there available in the market. At the same time, furnish the room with some shiny bedside tables and a dark-coloured rug to give a dash of colour.


11. Stone Wall

Keeping things simple and non-flashy with a stone wall and platform bed with white linens would do the trick for a man as it helps to bring out masculinity. Also, if possible, it would be nice to have a wall to wall shelf behind the bed to display personal items such as picture frames, which are unlikely to take up much space at all.


Modern Minimalist

12. Simple and Modern

For a simple yet modern style, you can consider getting a canopy bed but without the canopy. Add hanging lamps to each side and this helps to make the small room seem bigger as it does not take up any floor space. This is also great in minimal maintenance as there is less to clean!


13. Multiple Steps

For a more unique approach, you can restructure the floors of your room to incorporate steps and have them in wood material. This way, it creates a distance and space leading up to the bed, making the room look spacious and overall beautiful.


14. Wide-open space

To achieve a wide-open space, get wide and huge windows so that people indoors get to treat themselves to a magnificent view of the seaside or mountainside while letting the natural sunlight set in. 


Minimalist Brown

15. Brown Walls

Even though brown may not be everyone’s favourite colour, we do have to admit its versatility as it fits with any kind of furniture. When you pair these walls with a white and brown dresser and bed, the room would be filled with much warmth and cosiness.


16. Brown Paneling

For those not fond of bright rooms and prefer darker colours, you can consider this option and get brown panelling. It gives the room some character and edgy style. Not to mention, it goes well with grey and white colours, allowing the room to stay elegant looking.


17. Brown Floorings

If you prefer not to have brown splashed all over the walls or have brown panelling, you can have brown floorings instead then. Hardwood floors help to make the room look even more beautiful and classic. When paired with furniture and white walls, the room will look even more open.


Minimalist Japanese

18. Neutral Colors

Neutral colours such as grey, white, beige or brown best fit the concept of Japanese bedrooms. Install a large ceiling light and you would be good to go.


19. Flowers and Fans

In Japanese culture, fans play a big part and it is an important accessory for Japanese women. Fans are also often accompanied with floral designs so these can be included inside a bedroom if you are heading for a minimalist Japanese style of bedroom. Just hop on online or take a trip down to a bedding store to get some floral beddings and pillows. 


20. Wall Bed

Familiar with the idea of a capsule hotel? Well, let us tell you that it is possible to apply such a similar concept to our bedrooms with wall beds. It works by reclining a bed out of the walls and this helps to save plenty of floor space. This is a perfect solution for families with multiple children and who are lacking in bedrooms.



With that, we have reached the end of this article and we hope that among these ideas suggested, you have gained some inspiration to style your bedroom. Good luck and have fun!