Can’t think of how to design your new nursery room? Here are some tips for the colours and textures that will brighten up your baby’s new room. Get inspiration from some of the best nursery room ideas.


Neutral Colours with a Pop of Colour

Want something exciting yet not too overwhelming? Try painting your room in a neutral colour of your choice and select furniture items that are white or cream-coloured. Finish up the room with a contrasting singular colour for one or two items. This will help add life to the room and prevent it from being dull.


Pastel Colours — Baby Blues and Pinks

With a new baby in the room, you can’t go wrong with pastel colors. Decorate your baby’s room with baby blue pinstripe bed sheets or baby pink pillows. Finally, blend the colors together with a light grey carpet or toys. These go-to subtle colours will help keep your baby and you calm throughout the day. If your nursery room has space constraints, you can make your room look bigger by painting only 1 side of the wall in the pastel colour and contrast it with neutral colours on the rest of the walls. This will attract attention to the wall but it’s also important not to go too crazy with the colours to keep it restful.


Keeping It Clean

White walls, wooden floors, and modern furniture — the essential things to bring out one of the more popular designs. The Scandinavian aesthetic allows you to bring together the illusion of peace and tranquillity in the nursery. This cosy vibe gives you and your child ease of mind through the warmer colours.


Fun and Whacky!

Experiment with eye-catching patterns such as bright multi-coloured chevron shapes or create a graphic centrepiece using a wall mural. Don’t be afraid to try out different patterns and colours. Keep it creative! With all the bright colours to look at, it’s always an exciting day for your child.


Variate Your Textures

Sick of the same wall design? Variate your wall textures and add some fun to your child’s room. It is a simple way to add some fun, and also saves you some time and effort for a room that doesn’t have much light. Choose light-coloured designs for both the paint and the wallpaper in order to prevent the combination from clashing.



Match The Walls

Most nursery rooms have windows to them. If your nursery room has one, try matching your wallpaper or the colour of your wall with your curtains and blinds. This design is probably the few designs that work in the nursery room but does not apply very well in the rest of the house. You can also double up this design by having your older child count the number of patterns on the walls or on the curtains. As long as the patterns are relatively simple, the repetition of the prints will look cute and appropriate for the nursery room.


Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

If your nursery doesn’t have access to much sunlight, the room can get a little dull or may even resemble a doctor’s clinic. Fix the room with this simple tip of adding warm colour to the room. Find inspiration from summer skies as you can opt for the yellow hues of sunflowers or the orange warm glow of the sun. This makes the room feel more warm and welcoming.


Take Advantage of the Natural Light

If your nursery is on the ground floor, you might want some privacy for your nursery room to keep your baby from being distracted or distracted from his nap. Instead of using curtains and blinds, consider the idea of using a window film. Choose window films that maximize the amount of natural light that comes into the room to keep it from staying dull. Some of the translucent window films allow as much as 90% of light to pass through.


Stay Creative, But Keep It Simple

If having a mural or a centerpiece takes up too much space, accessorize the nursery with small pieces of art. This still does the job of adding some cheery vibes to a neutral boring room. You can choose to purchase some small wall prints to frame up together with ornaments or small plants. It’s also easy to update the room as you can have your child choose their own wall pictures when they grow a bit older.


Live Life in a Fairytale 

With this room design, your child can finally be transported to his or her favourite fairytale. Utilize your large wall by decorating it to be a mural. You can add depth to your room with a fairytale landscape of your choice, be it mountains, castles or even with furry animals.



Decorate with Nursery Wall Stickers

If you’re on a budget, consider some of our DIY ideas! Try getting your hands on some wall stickers to create a Memphis style on your walls. These goodies take little effort but can change up your room but take note that it might be a small hassle in taking the stickers off your walls. 


Getting The Multi-Dimensional Effect

Instead of adding single colours, why not opt for more? The idea is to keep the hues of the various colours similar and stick to either warm or cool colours but not both. This makes the room look more spacious with the multi-dimensional effect.


Your Furniture Plays a Big Role

Furniture can get pricey at times, which is why it’s important to choose the right furniture to get more bang for your buck. Nursing chairs, changing tables are all essentials in a nursery room. Think about its function before purchasing them. You should opt for a comfortable nursing chair that can still fit your home’s colour scheme once you no longer need it in the nursery room. Your changing table should also be sturdy for the safety of your child and its advisable to choose one that has built-in storage for you to stash away your child’s toys in the future.


Your Room, Your Choice

With all the ideas provided, it’s important to ask yourself what you like. After all, the main point of decorating your nursery room is for you to feel delighted and safe with your child.