No house is complete without a bathroom. Arguably, we do spend quite an amount of intimate time in the bathroom. So, you have to give equal thought and consideration to the design of a bathroom as much as a bedroom. However, it is costly to renovate a bathroom as compared to a bedroom considering the waterworks, piping, amenities, etc that have to be installed. The cost can start from £20k and that is no small amount, so it is best that you carefully consider the designs before committing to it. This guide has some inspiration if you wish to convert a loft space into a loft bathroom. Read on!

First, let me explain what loft bathrooms are. Loft bathrooms are smaller in size and their dimensions are rather unusual with weird angles and corners. That being said, you can still make things work although you’ll need to be a little more creative with how you use the space. But fret not. We are here to fill you with some creative ideas so that converting a loft bathroom will be a walk in the park. 

Small Loft Ensuite Ideas

If you currently own a loft bedroom, do consider adding a loft ensuite to it. Or if you are on the lookout for loft bedrooms, do make sure to check if there is an ensuite attached. I promise you, once you start enjoying the perks of an ensuite, you will never look back. By making it an open concept ensuite, not only does it give off an illusion of a bigger room, but it also makes your room look stylish. Stylish and convenient, what more can you ask for!

Loft Conversion Wet Rooms

This is perfect for those of you who are facing the space constraints of wedging a bathroom into an unimaginably tight space. Simply segment a part of your bathroom to become a wet room. Cautionary note: do remember to create a slight gradient for the wet room’s floor to ensure proper drainage and to waterproof the entire room.

Loft Conversion Shower Room Ideas

Since you do not have the luxury of space, you have to make a decision between the two. One, install a bath but the entire bathroom will be much smaller. Two, do away with the bath to enjoy a larger shower and a relatively bigger bathroom. I would suggest the latter simply because it is much more practical. To continue to deceive the eyes into thinking the bathroom is much bigger than it is, opt for white or light-coloured tiles. Especially in the day, when sunlight bounces off these tiles, it “enlarges” the room by heaps. A side note, since most bathroom amenities (bath, toilet bowl, sink) are typically white, you can consider using a variety of textural elements such as pale stone, moulding and fabric accent to differentiate the white tone you chose for the wall to make it less boring. Occasionally, you can add a dash of wood or metallic elements to spice things up.

Bath only

Unfortunately, for those whose bathroom ceilings are low, opting for a bath seems like the only sensible choice. The silver lining is, your bath time can be made more relaxing with the installation of a skylight just above your bath. Imagine coming home from a long day of work, sinking into a warm bath, sipping on some bubbly beverage and looking out into the starry night sky. I assure you, all the knots in your body and all the day’s frustration will be gone in a split second.

Bath and Shower Combo

If your loft bathroom happens to be the family bathroom, it might be practical to install a bath and shower. All you have to do is install a shower head along with the bath and voila, you and your partner can enjoy a romantic bath while the kids can get a quick rinse with the shower. This allows you to enjoy both functions while being space-savvy.

Loft Conversion Ensuites

Designing an ensuite allows more flexibility on the use of space since it technically shares part of the bedroom floor space too. The majority of people typically design a huge walk-in bathroom by opting for no walls and a freestanding bath. A freestanding bath is not only aesthetically pleasing but most importantly big and comfortable. Alternatively, you can consider a roll-top bath. A roll-top bath is a kind of freestanding bath and its curved edges at the top and its overall rounded look are what give it its name. Such a design enhances its safety feature, especially for older individuals.

Corner – Fitting Bathroom Suite

As mentioned, loft bathrooms often have unconventional corners that cannot snuggly fit a rectangular shower, toilet bowl or sinks. Don’t worry! There are many amenities out in the market that are specially designed to fit in such weird corners. This will be perfect for those with smaller loft bathrooms and desperately needs to maximise space with any possible methods.


Of all the design features mentioned above, it wouldn’t be complete if you ensure that your bathroom has sufficient lighting be it natural or artificial. The beauty of a loft bathroom is greatly dependent on the illumination of the room. Most people often neglect this small but game-changing aspect: lighting. Many bathrooms, even some of the nicest ones, are often hidden in darkness with either only one small window allowing nothing but a pathetic ray of light to enter or worse, no windows at all. No matter how beautifully it was designed, the hard work of the owner and interior designer have gone to waste simply because there wasn’t enough light to showcase the elegance. As such, if possible, try to install a skylight. Skylights are not only trendy but also perfect for ventilating the bathroom.

Converting your loft space into a loft bathroom can come with its challenges. But with a little bit of creativity, you’ll be able to enjoy a hot bath in your new loft in no time.