The bedroom is for many a sanctuary in our homes. It is an exclusive and private space for us to relax and chill in peace. It is also a place to rest and unwind after a long day at work or school outdoors. Even though the bedroom does not see as much foot traffic as other parts of our home, this does not undermine the importance of a cleaning session. Cleaning the bedroom is very important since you will spend hours breathing in the air inside your bedroom when you sleep. That means you’ll have to clean and declutter your bedroom regularly so that it doesn’t become dusty. Books and magazines add on to the clutter and dirt in the room can also stem from late-night snacking. These are just a few examples to reinforce how important it is for a bedroom to be kept clean. With that, here are some tips to clean your room quickly and also with a dash of fun. 


Steps to speed cleaning for your bedroom

A glance at a messy room can turn you off and seem overwhelming at first, but with a plan in mind, things will be a lot easier and less daunting. Ticking off a list of steps from a guide, the room will be cleared of all the clutter and mess in no time. Take some time to assess your room and plan what you should be doing to make the cleaning session efficient, this way you can get a lot of stuff done quickly and easily! To make your life easier, we can offer you a model guide to show you how speed cleaning is done.



Step 1

To start, make sure you have a big garbage bag to store trash or items you would like to discard from the room. Removing these non-essential items out of the way makes the next few steps easier as it would clear more space for you to move around and focus on your cleaning. It is also important as it would prevent you from soiling the linens while cleaning.


Step 2

Next, we shall move the focus to the bed. For a bedroom, the main point is to have an uncluttered bed with neat pillows and a smooth blanket. It would be great to change out your sheets to a washed one. If you don’t have the time to change your bedsheets, you can just shake out the blanket and refresh it, and then make the bed. A neat bed is pleasant to the eyes and it can also hold items such as books and picture frames as they can be neatly arranged and then put back in place after cleaning. 


Step 3

Moving on, it’s time to organize the clutter. Nightstand items such as lamps should be straightened and other items such as those belonging to the kitchen should be brought back to where they originally came from. Sort out clothes into two piles, either dirty or clean so that they can go into the washer for laundry or those that can be folded and packed into your closet. This applies to other items in the room so that you can remove and deal with them later. Essentially, a bedroom should be clean and neat, consisting of stuff that should be rightfully there, we should not be stepping into a bedroom and asking, “Oh, why is this item here?”


Step 4

Thereafter, we can use a microfiber cloth or dust wipes to wipe down the furniture so that it can be down swiftly. Such microfiber cloth works the best in dusting furniture like a TV, picture frames and bookshelves. Ain’t nobody got the time for polishing spray and a rag when you are in a rush!


Step 5

Lastly, you can finally sweep the floor or even get a vacuum to remove all the dust particles away. This is the most important step since dust accumulates very quickly and they are also hard to spot with our naked eye. A quick run through the room would do but there is also no harm in going for a second round if you have the time.


As a tip to make things easy for you, it would help to stay consistent with your cleaning procedure and work your way in one direction since moving around randomly can make you lose focus easily. Also, try to focus your attention on one chore at a time, rather than attempting to multi-task and producing only mediocre results in the end. 


How to make cleaning fun and not a chore?

Even though cleaning may not be everyone’s cup of tea as it can often be tiring, both physically and mentally exhausting. However, we should always try to keep a positive outlook on it as cleaning would only benefit us in providing us with a clean and comfortable environment to live in. As such, to lighten the mood and make things a little more enjoyable, we shall provide some tips on making cleaning fun and not seem like it’s a chore!



1. Music makes you move more

Let’s queue some music! Yes, playing music as you clean is our first tip to offer you guys. When you put on your favourite music, it’ll get you pumped up and excited. Listening to music will get you in a good mood and make cleaning less of a chore. Also, being immersed in the music while staying focused on cleaning may make you lose track of time and you might even be done with the cleaning faster than we expect. At the same time, this is a great form of work out as you are constantly moving our body and hence exercising your body and muscles. Money is then saved on going to the gym! How convenient!


2. Challenge yourself

If you are the type who likes stimulation and challenges, try to apply that over here by giving yourself a cleaning challenge. For example, try to set a standard and vacuum the floor in less than five mins, or change the sheets in less than 10 minutes. By giving yourself such mini hurdles, you will be able to complete the tasks more quickly and more enjoyably. 


3. Treat yourself to a reward

After accomplishing a set of tasks, you can always treat yourself to a form of reward that you would like, let’s say a cup of coffee or watching your favourite tv show. This way, it helps to motivate you to get things done and it also allows you to achieve a sense of satisfaction.


4. Get your kids to help

Last but not least, you can always engage the help of your kids to clean the room, even though it might sound counterproductive. The reason being, younger children will feel the pride in helping so it helps to ease off some of the load. Besides, this also allows for some parent-children bonding time, isn’t it great, killing two birds with one stone? 


With that, this sums up all we have to offer regarding making cleaning more efficient and fun. We hope you enjoyed reading this and are now more motivated to clear your bedroom mess, have fun and all the best!