There is a common struggle with every household: excessive items or furniture. We want to throw this but no, it has so many memories with us, or we want to throw this but no, we got it at a really good deal. I’m fairly confident that most of us can relate to this and because of such dilemmas, we don’t know what to hold onto and what to get rid of. This is why we are here today to inform you of the six things that even designers say you should never throw out.


Something that resonates with you

This can be anything as long as you feel some sort of attachment towards it. More often than not, people are focused on aesthetics and trends. Then, people will throw away the things that matter to them because it does not fulfil social criteria. However, designers have endorsed keeping these things that are meaningful to you even if they do not match the setting. Designs can be tweaked to allow everything to fit in but once you throw it away, it is gone forever. Furthermore, how your home is designed is mostly based on your personality. Your home is like another platform for people to get a better insight on you as a person and these objects of sentimentality carry a very strong message. A home is also a place that should make you feel comfortable and happy to be in, so if you do possess these kinds of items, do not be afraid to hold on to them.


Something whose design is standard

These are the furniture whose style will never go out and remain prevalent making them a valuable keep especially if they have a sturdy build that can go through multiple repurposing. Some examples of furniture with designs that will never fade are things like wingback chairs, Chesterfield sofas, and tufted headboards. If you think back, you may start to realize that these kinds of designs have been around for a very long time and they do not look like they are about to leave anytime soon given their prevalence in this market. The main idea here is to focus on the frame of the furniture because it is that frame that maintains the furniture’s long-lasting nature. Furthermore, with the frame in place, all you have to do is to engage in some re-upholstery process and replace the fabric with something that you are inclined towards. It may cost some amount of money to do this but it definitely saves a lot more in the long term future plus it offers the prospect of self-customization!



Something that is a bench

Bench? Did I read the right? Yes, you read that right. The functionalities of benches are so versatile that it makes it a strong contender in what should be kept. They can be used as sitting furniture, dining table, and even a shoe rack. Its sleek and simple design also allows it to be placed almost anywhere and still fits in with the other furniture. Furthermore, whether the bench is made of wood, metal or upholstered, you can repurpose the bench in any way you want. If you like a certain colour, it can be painted that specific colour and if you want it to have a certain feel, you can even attach your desired fabric onto it. This is really a piece of furniture that is super customizable and super practical. So, if a bench is on your list of potential things to be thrown away, take it off the list now!


Something that is vintage and is a rug

Vintage rugs! This is something you would definitely not want to get rid of because they are difficult to source for and are extremely pricey so even if you do not appreciate the aesthetics of the rug anymore, you might want to hold on to that. They are always in style, meaning there is always a demand for them. So if you no longer want them, selling them would be a good move to take rather than just stashing it in the trash. Otherwise, you could always hold on to it as there will always be an opportunity for them to shine again since they have an eternal appeal to the masses!


Something that is limited edition

Well, sorry to state the obvious but these things should be kept. This is because these items can and will increase in value since what you are holding on to may only be one of the few pieces that are out there. Design fanatics who missed out are sure to be vying for these pieces of furniture. You can think of them as art pieces, they may not be popular at the moment but give it a little time, it becomes a valuable piece that needs to be protected. Plus, like rugs, it may not fit in now or you might get too accustomed to it now, but it does not mean that it cannot make its comeback again. They are also good to have around in case you need cash for a rainy day!



Something that is handmade

This speaks for itself, compared to limited edition, this is even more unique because the people who crafted this work painstakingly designed every curve and line and there is no other product that is just like it. The unique design makes it a piece that is enriched with a history and story to be told. They also add a certain soulful flair to the room as most people would have put their heart and soul into the creation of their own masterpiece. It also serves as a good conversation starter when people ask about it, like when, where or how it was created. Furthermore, the hours and sweat that you put into creating the object would be all for nought if you were to toss it out!


In conclusion, things that you should hold onto are things that have a personal touch to them and things that generally prevail against the work of time.