If you have a small home or you’re just looking to declutter — you’ve come to the right article. Why buy multiple furniture pieces that have a single function when you can buy a single furniture piece that is multi-functional? Living in a minimalistic space can promote peace of mind.

As the saying goes, a clear space is a clear mind.

If you’re someone who likes to change things up in your home every once in a while, getting multi-purpose furniture could be worth the investment. Here is a compiled list of recommended designers and furniture pieces to help you get started on saving space and money.

Designers of Multi-Purpose Furniture

Having a small space or wanting lesser items in your home should not limit how creative you want it to look. Several great designers specialize in creating furniture that serves more than one purpose — paving the way for a minimalistic yet creative lifestyle. These were designed to encourage you to design. It is your space, after all, so you should have control over how you would like it to look! Here are some handpicked ones:  


Aleph Furniture by Gyuyub Jo is a collection inspired by boxes.

In this collection, users can reconstruct sticks, lids, and boxes to create their own furniture whilst maximizing efficiency and minimizing space used.  


If the Aleph collection interests you, another similar one you can look at is Badac by Sang A Choi.

Badac was created based on Korean flat furniture, also known as Pyung Sang. It consists of eight pieces: three seats, two backrests, one coffee table, and one shelf. Take these pieces and construct what works for you at any time of the day, after all, you can change it anytime you want. 


Heard of Matroshka?

Think Russian Dolls but the furniture version. This compact set takes up just 4-square meters. Every piece is versatile and can be transformed according to your needs. With Matroshka, you can make a bed, a dining table, a desk, a bookshelf, a wardrobe or just seating for 12!


French designer Matali Crasset’s “Campeggi” consists of a foldable pad and a removable table.

Fold your pad into whatever you need. Go from a bed to a dining table in a snap. Perfect for doing work in bed!


Another designer to look at would be Shin Yamashita, a Japanese Industrial Design student, who created the most versatile piece of furniture out of a flat mat.

It consists of three panels which can be made into a table, seating option and even as a backrest. Feel free to lounge around, do work, do yoga, and so on.


Looking for something a little more on the edgy side? Cleo by Designer Barbara Pece is a polyurethane foam pyramid made of nine pieces.

Cleo can be all that: table, desk, sofa, lounge chair, a nightstand, etc. Or just as an edgy decor piece. It is up to you! 


Must-Have Pieces

Nowadays, we’ve become more on the go. We are time-poor and always looking for the quickest and most efficient way to get tasks done. Luckily, we live in a modern age with versatile pieces of furniture. Here’s a couple of must-have furniture pieces you should consider getting!



First of all, if you are storing your bike in your house, you’ve probably taken up a lot of space already. If you were going back and forth on whether to give the space to your bike or, say a bookshelf — why not configure it into one? Get a bike shelf that can hold up your bike and your books as well. Since your bike is up on your wall now, it takes up lesser space.


Want a pop of colour? Multiplo is your guy.

Made up of several lime green pad blocks in different sizes, you could form a table or form a huge lounge area. Perfect for parties, sleepovers, yoga rooms, and so on. 


You can also consider KEWB, a Convertible box that turns into a table, lounge piece or a bed.

So don’t worry about not being able to have friends stay over if you have a small space. With KEWB, you’re all set! 


Another example would be the Stonewall Kitchen‘s Chair/Ladder.

Tired of standing on flimsy chairs to grab something from the top shelf? Don’t have space to store a ladder in your home? Stonewall’s got you covered. With a simple unfolding, you’ve got your ladder in no time. Fold it back and you have your chair back! Say goodbye to flimsy chairs — and hello to your handy chair/ladder. 


Speaking of chairs, here’s a tip on how to make use of them. Besides being a seat, they are more versatile than you think! Did you know that they can act as storage units? Folding chairs are great for this — hang them up on the wall and use the seat as a shelf. It would be a bonus hanger pole if your folding chair has spindles on its base. When not in use, you can just close the chairs flat against the wall. Now you have decor too! 


Have kids? Here’s a one specially designed for children. The Fundy Play Table has a top that can function as a chalkboard or a dry erase board.

You can lift the top to store your child’s toys and stationery as well. If you’re looking for a solution to stop your kids from drawing on your walls, Fundy’s here to save the day. 


If you’re someone who loves doing work on their sofa because it’s comfier, why not invest in a multi-purpose end table? These tables are C-shaped and can be easily integrated. They take up minimal space and functions as a portable work desk, a coffee table, or just plain sofa decor. 


On the topic of sofa decor, you could also consider integrating a bookshelf into your seats. The Ransa sofa has a bookshelf for a base.

It adds aesthetic and saves space as well. You can also use the bookshelf to store anything you’d like, it serves as a storage space.


What happens when you have a last-minute meeting and your new blazer’s still wrinkled? Designer Aissa Logerot created an ironing-board-mirror hybrid called the “madame est servie

When you need to iron your blazer for work, tilt the board and get to it! Once you’re done, you can pull the board up to a horizontal position to check yourself out in the mirror before you leave for work. 


If you’re interested in minimalism, try any of these multi-function furniture pieces. Some of them may seem a little avant-garde, but you’ll never know until you try it!