A loft conversion sure sounds like a good idea when you want to revamp your house but it can sometimes pose a challenge when it comes to effective storage solutions. If your loft is small or awkwardly shaped, you’ll find yourself having a bit of trouble integrating conventional storage pieces. 

But fret not. As the saying goes, “When there is a will, there is a way.” There is always a solution to every problem. The key to this particular problem is innovation and planning. Think of how you are going to store your belongings and be creative with it! If the loft is small, instead of filling the floor space with big items that occupy even more space, adopt storage solutions that work according to the layout. To achieve your desired loft conversion, continue to read on as this article explores a list of various storage ideas which are both practicality and aesthetically-pleasing. Let’s go! 


  • Use the area around or near the bed


Firstly, one tip to take into consideration would be to make use of the space surrounding the bed. You can do so by installing shelves, drawers and other storage spaces to store your items effectively. Specifically, we feel that the wall behind the bed is a good space to utilize as it does not serve a very important purpose besides potentially being a place to put decorative items. To make the bedroom look attractive, we also recommend using shelves over or next to the bed to display cherished items such as photos, decorative ornaments, and even potted plants to heighten the aesthetics. Not to mention, shelves and drawers would look best in neutral tones like black or white colours. Opting such colours would ensure that the bed would not be too overpowering and the whole bedroom would achieve a balanced outlook. Furthermore, it would also be good to consider adding in plug sockets to charge all electrical devices you own.


  • Wall-to-wall


Wall-to-wall storage is also another solution that is similar to the previous idea of building around your bed. However, instead of installing storage solutions, wall-to-wall utilizes leftover wall spaces for storage purposes, allowing people to place almost anything such as books or decorative items. The picture below depicts the use of wall-to-wall space for bookshelves, converting the place into a reading room. Besides books, they can be also used to display antiques or cherished items to decorate the loft. Using decorative pieces will raise the vibrancy of the overall decor.  So, there is no need to limit yourself to using your loft as just a reading room or office. However, for those who prefer not to expose the clutter and prefer a more organized look, we recommend the use of storage cube boxes that fit nicely inside squared shelves to keep your things out of sight. Furthermore, to create better ambience, integrated lighting and colour changes are also a feasible option that will make your loft a more liveable and comfortable space.


  • Fitted Furniture


Customized storage is another option to consider as it promises to fit exactly and proportionally to your loft. It has become increasingly common for people to adopt fitted furniture in their lofts which is mainly due to two reasons: their ability to maximize space and the minimal maintenance required. Fitted furniture does not protrude out of the wall and as it is tailored according to your individual request, you can customize your dream storage any way you like as long as you discuss it with your designers. Besides, fitted furniture sits accurately within the walls so it eliminates the need for a feather duster to sweep dust off the top and under of your wardrobe. 


  • Making use of the eaves


Usually, when there is no suitable use for the eaves, they can be hard to work with. However, in terms of acting as storage spaces, they are in fact the ideal solution! This is proven through the many successful loft conversions which have utilized under-eaves storage. Transforming the eaves to become a storage space is effortless as there is just one thing to do. All that needs to be done is to create an enclosed space that comes with an access hatch. Ideally, this would work best for lofts that are being used as a living area or bedroom because eaves help in hiding away the clutter. Eaves can serve as storage for items we normally do not reach out for often but still need. However, for something more extraordinary and hands-on, you can also install a recessed shelf. Such a shelf situated next to the bed would be a perfect replacement for a bedside table as it helps to serve the same purpose and it also works well with the limited floor space.  


  • Get multi-purpose furniture


Alternatively, multi-purpose furniture is a good choice for an entire house but especially for smaller rooms with limited floor space. They help to make your loft conversion more versatile because it will not be limited to just a single purpose. This is illustrated through the duality of a sofa bed. Simply place a sofa bed in your loft-converted living area and the loft is now a bedroom as well. How convenient! Similarly, another innovative suggestion we have is to make use of a floating desk. A floating desk captures both the functionality of a desk and cabinet, allowing you to fold and put it away when you are not using it, leaving more space to move around in.. Hence, it perfectly fulfils the practicality criteria. Finally, something tranquil serving but entertaining at the same time would be a pool dining table. Not only does it allow family members to relax and socialize over dinner, but it also provides bonding opportunities for family or friends to play in a game of pool, delivering an entertaining time spent together.

Bottom line

With that, we conclude on our tips for effective storage solutions in regard to a loft conversion. We hope that these ideas have inspired you in some way and we wish you the best in your loft conversion journey! Have fun!

Featured Photo by Brad Javernick of Home Oomph