One of the most beautiful dream houses that people desire is a loft. A loft is described as a living space directly under the roof. It is also one of the most beautifully designed living spaces and here, we are going to present the ten most beautiful designs for a loft house.


Vertical Loft

In this loft located in Rotterdam, Netherlands, the architect’s main aim was to create a loft that did not have walls. To achieve this, the architects utilized the concept of an oversized closet that connected all the levels together. In this single building, it incorporates the kitchen, bedroom, bookshelves and walk-in closets. This style gains its aestheticism from the fact that everything is compact into a cuboid.


Contemporary Loft Apartment (Previously an Office Unit)

The next on the list is located on Joo Chiat Lane in Singapore. Here, the loft that is situated on the second floor sports an industrial look with its mimicking of the brick walls that are commonly found in industrial buildings. However, there is a sense of homeliness from the outdoor verandah that several walls made way for, giving it a backyard vibe. Furthermore, they manage to incorporate a spiral staircase in the design of the space. Overall, this apartment has a debonair appearance.


4,800 Square Foot Loft

The interesting part about this design is that it was made for an art critic and film editor and it is located in New York City, USA. The loft constitutes the whole floor and its origin was also an industrial building. Unlike the previous design, the architects tried to preserve the industrial quality of the building by maintaining the compressed box-like structure that separated public areas like the kitchen away from the private resting areas. It also has three windows situated on three different sides ensuring that the room gets sufficient light giving it a welcoming environment.



Three Bedroom Loft

The next one is also in the USA except it is located in the West Village and unlike the previous design, the loft consists of two floors with a total of three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Instead of relying entirely on natural lighting from windows, the interior is designed with vibrant colours and bold accents in order to bring out the zesty vibes of the apartment. Furthermore, the space is very open and combining this with the interior design, contributes to this warm and welcoming aura throughout the loft.


Tribeca Loft

This loft also features and boasts a bright and cheerful space that is located in a different part of New York City, Tribeca. The loft consists of four bedrooms, and two and a half toilets that are interconnected and not fully separated, giving it the impression of continuous space. Adding on to that, they also feature a double wide-room whose unique selling points are its cast-iron pillars and extremely vibrant interior. The spaces are now adapted into a living room, a dining space, a library and an office and are currently up for grabs!


Loft in a Former Flour Mill

Basking in its enriched cultural background, this loft is situated on the fourth floor of a historical building in Denver, Colorado. It was originally used as a farmhouse used to store and process Colorado’s bumper wheat crops. The space was then undertaken by the developer Dana Crawford and transformed into a loft that boasts open living spaces like two bedrooms and two bathrooms with beautiful interior designs and an emphasis on the curved walls!


Abstraction Active Loft

This loft located in the heart of France, Paris, is the perfect abode for those who prefer the sophistication of having the bare minimum in terms of design. Its uniqueness and desirability come from the fact that the space is built with openness and freshness in mind which was why they took the minimalism route. The minimalistic design also ensures that the apartment does not come off as cluttered. Another important feature that sells is its floating staircase built on delicate curves. Furthermore, in addition to the space of the loft, it also boasts an exquisite roof terrace!



3,200 Square Foot Loft (Formerly a Warehouse)

The USA has been very successful in creating aesthetically pleasing spaces as this is located in Soho. It used to be a former warehouse and it sat on the eighth floor of the building giving it access to a panoramic view through the windows and in every room. The loft is also built with overlapping zones and large windows which diminishes the delineation between the indoor and outdoor. The loft also contains terraces in the East and West portion of the loft with its interior design focused on relaxation and comfort!


Renovated Loft in Tribeca

Also located in Tribeca, the loft boasts strong contemporary features that contribute to its general air of sophistication. Every loft has its unique features and for this loft, it is the guest bedrooms. The guest bedrooms are beautifully encased by curved glass walls. While it may not be the most private room, it is certainly one of the more attractive ones with it being strikingly similar to a dome. The entire loft is built on a minimalistic palette as well, with all its furniture and colours used strategically, thus reducing any excessive elements. The cool minimalistic decor brings out the loft’s chic design.


Union Square Loft

Last but not least, the next design is situated in Manhattan commanding a large space of 3,600 square foot. The idea that the designers had in mine was to develop a perfect modern living space. In order to rid the building of its industrial designs, they had to go through a major makeover and the space was opened up in order to focus on the minute details of the structural elements. All of which gave the loft an open feeling with its tall vaulted ceilings and steel columns!


In conclusion, lofts are one of the most beautiful house designs that can range from compact to open-spaced and looks nice with vibrant colours, or a minimalist palette.