Thinking of ways to maximise the space of your loft but don’t know how to start? Let us help! It is not only the design you have to think about, but other issues such as the structure, layout, energy efficiency and many more must also be taken into consideration. Not to mention your budget. 

It may sound overwhelming but don’t let that hinder you from fulfilling your dream of having your very own usable loft space. Here are a few tips to guide you through your process!

Understanding your Space and Proportions

Being fully aware of your loft’s proportions can be a benefit when it comes to design planning and furniture layout. Lofts are usually small, which creates a cosy feeling. With this in mind, you can then start designing accordingly. 

Choose a colour scheme that not only enhances the cosiness of the loft but makes it look bigger too. Nothing can beat white. However, colours such as blue and green would be a good option too. Lighter colours could be painted on wall trims and mouldings creating an illusion of the walls looking further and ta-da! A spacious looking room. Pair this colour scheme with warm wood and choose fabrics of a darker shade to create a contrast to bring the room together. 

Start planning for the types of windows to be used for the design. The layout of the roof affects the type of windows to be used. For example, larger windows for a deeper room would allow more light in. Installing bigger windows helps create the illusion of being connected to the outside. 

Knowing your proportions can help significantly when it comes to the layout of the furniture:

Customisation of furniture such as shelves or desks is encouraged when it comes to accommodating the awkward spaces due to low ceilings or sloping of the roof. Customisation will help maximise your space. 

Gauging if there is ample space to build an en-suite with a showerhead or basin. Another option would be to make use of the eaves, ensuring that there is no wasted space. With the help of a designer, it can be done in a manner that complements the rest of the bathroom adding an extra flare.

Seek Professional Assistance 

It might be overwhelming handling this on your own. Thus it is advisable to seek the help of professionals. 

You can do this by employing a designer (i.e. architect) to help with the illustrations of your interior design. By enlisting the help of a designer, you can get more involved in the process and take the opportunity to discuss right down to the finest detail how you envision your loft. Of course, you’ll also have to hire a structural engineer, but the price to pay is small when you think about the benefits a professional can bring to your loft.

Build a Loft for Extra Space

Feel like your home has insufficient rooms or something feels missing? Creating a loft would be a great solution without having to buy yourself a new house! Have yourself another cosy room within the space of the loft. How about your very own gaming room or private working space?

Similarly, if you’re tired of waiting for your turn to use the bathroom, why not install one that suits your style! Don’t worry about the uneven slopings of the roof. You can install a bathtub or basins under it. If you do have enough headspace, install a shower. 

In the event that you are unable to have a suitable window for this purpose, an extractor fan needs to be positioned. 

Ideas for the Conversion of your Loft

Loft bedrooms are popular, but maybe you don’t need another bedroom, and you want to turn the space into something else. So here are some alternative suggestions:

Children’s playroom

Having space for themselves would be exciting for your children, even if they are teenagers. It is necessary to make sure that it feels homely so it would be used to the fullest. Keep the style of the room simple and add your personal flair through the use of fabrics and other furniture. This makes it easy to change the theme accordingly when they become interested in new things. 

Home office

A personalised office room is great to help you focus on your work. Your windows should allow a lot of natural light into the room to ensure that you maximise your output.

Hence, try to avoid choosing heavy materials and opaque curtains. Alternatively, pick softer shades or sheer blinds that still allow some light into the room when closed. 

Dressing Area

Ever dreamed of having a walk-in wardrobe or dressing room like your favourite celebrities? This would be the perfect opportunity to build one. To maximise your space, choose an open wardrobe or hook up a clothes rack. You could also customize your own pieces to fit into awkward spaces or fill out your eaves. 

Loft Library

Would it not be nice to have a cosy space with all your favourite book and music collections for your entertainment? A library within your own home would be such a good idea. A 10 square metre library was made in the original roof space of an East London end of terrace house. The slanted roof was replaced with plywood arches, installing bookshelves between them and added a tiny study space. 

Other tips and tricks:

Install Blinds made Specifically for Loft Conversion

The light that enters through the roof is way brighter than the light coming through the walls. Hence, more thought has to be put into deciding what blinds would work best.

To help complement the lighting as well as bring the room to life, add houseplants! Place them closer to your windows to help create a ‘zen’ atmosphere. 

Make your Loft Seem Like it was Always there

The measurements of the staircase to the loft should be considered at the planning stage. For example, having a door at the entrance of the loft would create a confined feeling while one without would be more open. 

Addition of the staircase should appear to be a mere extension of the ground floor. Choose designs or colour schemes that match the original house. Similarly,  carpeting should preferably be the same as the ground floor to create a seamless flow towards the loft. The smallest of things can affect the overall appearance of the extension, so remember your handrails and paint finishings!

As for the exterior of the loft, pick bricks or tiles that match or complement that of the original house. Otherwise, you could pick a design that contrasts that of your existing house. 

For modern homes, the minimalistic concept is the trend now. Sadly, your choices may be limited if you live in a period property. This is because it could have planning restrictions.

Look For Furniture That Can Fit In Awkward Spaces

When you look for new furniture for your loft, you’ll also have to be a little more flexible than usual. Lofts aren’t proportioned like normal rooms, which means that you might have to forego your usual furniture choices for something more practical. In other words, something that fits the space of your loft. Some examples would be foldable furniture: foldable beds, chairs or sofas that can be put away as and when they are needed. Try your best to make the most of the space, such as putting shelves or cupboards in corners, or have your furniture custom-built to account for the slanted roof.

Converting a loft isn’t too hard. Remember to have a clear vision of what you would like to see and plan accordingly. You’ll be able to effectively maximize your loft space if you take the time to consider other alternatives such as customization of furniture and filling out your eaves. Not to worry, the professionals you work with will guide you through it!