Ever considered reconstructing your roof for a loft conversion? Value-wise, statistics have shown that a loft conversion could increase the property value of your home by 25%. Relatedly, respondents also stated they would pay more for a house with a games room. 

Games rooms have become increasingly popular among parents and kids as they are a great addition to the house perfect for hosting family activities and bonding sessions. Research by Sony has also shown that almost half of the adult population in the United Kingdom play video games and that 90% of gamers wish for a specific room to play their games. Combining the above evidence, our conclusion is that if you are considering a loft conversion, consider turning it into a games room. You can incorporate all kinds of games, be it a pool table, table football or table tennis inside the loft space. Furthermore, if there is sufficient space, virtual reality games can also be set up with a tv and not to mention PlayStation games like Xbox. To kick back and indulge in such entertainment at the comfort of your own home, a loft conversion is the answer!

Decorating your games room

Once you have decided to go ahead for a loft conversion and you’re ready to start turning it into a games room, you would have to now make some decisions on the design planning. Some suggestions by us are billiards, snooker, pool or football table. Furthermore, we would also like to recommend installing an ensuite bathroom to save time going downstairs for a toilet break between games. Not to mention, there should be enough places for people and guests to sit and this means adding a sofa, cushions and even perhaps bean bags. Add in a nicely sized television that is well-positioned and you are good to go!

Games for your games room

Selecting the types of games would be easy for you if you are a seasoned player with many collections. Otherwise, we would suggest investing in the classics such as the old school Pac Man and Donkey Kong as well as modern classics that include Assassin’s Creed as an example. Wii games are also a great addition as it is family-friendly for players of all ages, allowing the young and the old to come together and play a variety of games, ranging from recreational to physical challenges.

Add a vintage sweet dispenser

Playing games can be quite mentally taxing and in times of low sugar, sweets are the best for some sugar rush and adrenaline! Hence, it would be nice to invest in a streamlined, yet functional vintage sweet dispenser as you might have seen in public places such as the arcade. Take a break and enjoy some sweets!

Place scoreboards

In a game, there is always a winner and a loser right? Although games are not always about the score, it does always feel great to see who is in the lead and winning makes the whole game even more exciting and interesting. Therefore, we suggest placing scoreboards on the walls of your loft conversion, specifically a modern LED scoreboard to enhance the overall aesthetics. However, for those who prefer to go vintage and want to stick with the old fashioned chalkboard, by all means, go for what you like! Isn’t it fun to decorate a room by how you envisioned it?

Design layout

For those who prefer the more traditional games, it would be advised to leave more space for ease of movements. This is especially so if you want to perfect your cue arm for playing pool and execute a perfect forehand loop and even roll out an ochre maybe. As such, allocating spaces effectively by dividing the room into gaming zones would be ideal. Tables can be positioned at different angles and this would help to optimize the illusion of space. Sofas should be positioned in a horseshoe arrangement to get the best view of the television. At the same time, we highly recommend mounting equipment on the wall or storing them in discrete cabinets to keep things more organized and less cluttered. 

Soundproof floor

As we all know it is sometimes hard to contain our excitement while playing games, our volume may often get a little too loud so it would be considerate for people downstairs if soundproof floors are equipped. If not, the whole house may collapse from all the inevitable cheers and celebratory stomps after rounds of various games. 

Wifi connection

For digital gamers, having fast internet access is the most important criterion before anything else. As such, for those who are afraid that the Wi-Fi connection may not be strong enough to reach up to the loft, do consult a professional in that field and make arrangements to set up an Ethernet Internet access or even make changes to the spaces such that the Wi-Fi signal can further reach the loft


Not forgetting the importance of windows, windows installed should keep the loft light and airy with sufficient sunlight and air ventilation while making sure there is no reflective glare on your television as well.

Wireless cameras

For parents who are considering a loft conversion for a games room, it is highly encouraged to make a games room because providing a separate room just for games makes a clear division between playtime and family time. To keep an eye on your children and monitor their playtime, parents can consider getting some wireless cameras that are readily found on the market and have them installed. This is also convenient for working parents as they get to keep a lookout on their children through their phones and tablets in case kids get into conflicts while playing

Ultimately, no matter what plans you have set in store for a games room, a loft conversion is still the best method to achieve your desired games paradise. This is because of the limitless opportunities a loft conversion can provide as it can host various needs and preferences. To end off and reiterate once again, go for a loft conversion if you ever would like to have a games room.