Are you looking for ideas to decorate and furnish your kid’s bedroom? Look no further as we have all the solutions for your worries! Many of us can probably envision a vibrant and organized kids’ bedroom, but I bet only a few of us can understand the tiresome planning and work that goes behind the scene. To cut some slack for parents and future parents out there, you can save the time spent on wrecking your brain and follow some of our 12 useful tips and ideas for a kid’s bedroom instead. Without further ado, let’s get down to some fun business! 


1. Cosiness is the key to a small bedroom

Remember using pillows to build forts as a kid? Those may seem like just fun times but we can learn something from it, which is that cosiness is the key to a perfect bedroom. As such, let us apply the same concept to a kids’ bedroom. Simply upgrade the pillows into actual sheet forts to create an exclusive mini space for the kid. Thereafter, furnish with a bed canopy and throw in plenty of cushions and fairy lights. And there you go, open the doors and wander into a magical den. Doesn’t it sound captivating?


2. Go for a light colour scheme

Something that we will never understand is a kid’s obsession. One day, they are into Frozen and the next day, it will perhaps change into, let’s say Toy’s Story. Therefore, it would be a safer choice to opt for a lighter wall colour scheme to save the effort of constantly repainting. While keeping their preferences into consideration, we can always have a neutral wall colour to act as a blank canvas and add in decorative accessories that are to their liking. Besides, light neutrals also enhance the space of the room by creating a more spacious illusion.


3. Adopt a multi-functional storage system

The solution to keeping a room looking organized and free from clutter is having a multi-functional storage system. Specifically, we would like to highly commend IKEA’s Trofast kid’s storage shelf. It is versatile in its use as it can store all kinds of stuff and it is also well-adapted to suit the space of a room. 


4. Wallpaper ceiling

Although it is a good thing to keep the walls simple, there is also no harm in splashing some life onto the walls for a smaller bedroom. It is the perfect place to add in colours and patterns without making the room look smaller than it already is. To tone it down and make it less overwhelming, you can always just paint the ceiling or use a bold print wallpaper that is not overly colourful. 


5. Furnish with multi-functional furniture

To pick the right furniture for a small room can be a difficult task so it would be effective to choose furniture that can serve dual purposes. Examples include a bed that has storage spaces, a drawer that acts as a changing table and a toy chest that can be used as a seat. In short, get multi-functional furniture.


6. Time for creativity through a chalkboard wall

Pretty sure for some of us when we were kids, we have been scolded at some point of time for doodling on the walls of our house. You may not want your own children doodling on the walls, but what if we change the walls to a chalkboard wall meant for doodling? With a chalkboard wall, you can encourage kids to explore their sense of creativity and stimulate their artistic skills. Not to mention, it is also the perfect option if you are low on budget for decoration. A chalkboard wall can easily be set up without much cost for the area it covers.



7. Use of picture ledges to optimize space 

Picture ledges and wall-mounted shelves are perfect for small rooms as they do not take up much space and it also allows parents to display decorative accessories to brighten up the overall atmosphere of the room. They can also be used to display books and toys, acting as storage space too. However, we would like to add in some words of caution. To prevent the kids from getting injured, please be wary of placing any heavy or electrical items within your children’s reach. You do not want your kids to be able to reach heavy or otherwise dangerous items and pull them down. 


8. Utilizing alcove

As important as having play space for kids, there should also be sufficient space to fit a study area for them as they get older and have homework to complete. In cases of a small bedroom with a lack of space to fit a study table, an alcove would be a good alternative to install a small desk. For those with no alcove, no need to fret as a wall mounted drop down desk would do the trick as well. Incorporate a few wall shelves and you will have a mini workstation.


9. Wall stickers as artwork

Next, wall stickers are also a good addition to the bedroom as it is cheap and easy to put up. It is also a great idea to decorate the room with your kid’s favourite cartoon character. If your kid likes minion, then get some minion stickers and paste them over the walls. Furthermore, to deal with a kid’s ever-changing obsession, the stickers can always be peeled down for a new set of stickers. That’s just how easy it is and it works wonders as well!




10. Practical window treatments

While curtains will always look good in a room as the soft drape of fabric creates a wholesome and cosy look, a blind or shutter will be great for a room with limited space. In particular, a shutter is perfect for blocking out light. On the other hand, blinds work fine as well, but just remember to install a safety device to keep the cord out of the way.



11. Light layering

Since a kid engages in many different activities inside their bedroom, from completing their homework to play sessions and sleeping, it is important to have the appropriate light setting for their various types of activities. To cater to studying, it would be good to install a focused task light and some soft lights for leisure activities. Not to mention, it would also be convenient to have a bedside light your kid can turn off themselves.



12. Bright and bold color scheme

It is not every day that you will get a chance to go bold with colours for a room, so why not just make an exception and be daring for a kid’s room? Something vibrant like a bright orange would be perfect to own that bold look. Paint partway so it would help to tone down the effect and make it less overwhelming for the small space.


With that, this concludes the end of this article, we hope that it has been informative and helpful for parents out there!